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I’ve decided to start learning Turkish. This isn’t my first foreign language. Before you begin, realize that ANYONE can learn a language. I use to think I’m stupid with languages, but read about how I got out of my shell.


An exposure to Middle Eastern language. Potential stepping stone
Turkey is the link between Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Very important economically
Spoken by 75 million people
Turkey is important politicaly, as it’s a key US ally in the Middle East and is trying to join NATO
It’s just fun! I already know three Romance languages, so I want to try something new.
This blog is not only for helping people who are starting Turkish, but for keeping an account of my journey so I don’t quit easily. So if you want to learn it, jump in and follow! I will update my progress everyday, including exact exercises I use. I know no Turkish right now, so we’ll be in this boat together!

Each day, I will include specific missions that I want to achieve on that day. These missions are very simple and well defined. After a while, these goals will eventually lead you to fluency.

The goal is to be able to converse in Turkish after 4 months!

Starting by reading my daily entries!


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