Hey there,

[rant] I’ve taken French for 6 years in middle and high school, with … um … not so great success. I hated every minute of French class. My grammar was terrible, to the point that I refuse to say anything not in the present tense. I’ve always thought of myself as “not a language type of person”, being more interested in math/science/engineering type of stuff. French was actually one of my most hated class. Public school failed me![/end rant]

Earlier this year I stumbled across a life-changing post from FluentIn3Months, where the blogger Benny overcomes enormous struggle to learn Spanish. He also encourages learners to focus less on grammar, and just start practicing languages.

 I decided to try learning Spanish this way instead. I started out learning some simple phrases, and then spend almost everyday online chatting with Spanish speaking people. After 4 months, I’m now pretty fluent in it!Of course, nothing boosts my ego more than chatting with a Spanish person and have a conversation :D

This actually encouraged me to study yet another language. If you think you’re terrible at languages ( like I thought I was), go read Benny’s great post on why you’re not!

I speak English and Chinese fluently, and my Spanish and French are at intermediate level. I am currently learning Turkish. I want to travel around the globe one day!


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