I stumbled onto an inspiring video about success today, and it encouraged me to push my Turkish learning even further.

The speaker, Eric Thomas , argued in a lecture to Michigan University students (video part 1, part 2) that in order to be successful at anything in life, you must do the following (watch the video, it puts the quote into context).

“When you want to succeed as badly as you want to breath [underwater], then you’ll be successful”

I revisited all the reasons I wanted to learn Turkish in the first place: immersion into a completely foreign culture, traveling to Turkey alone with no English, make friends, experience the Turkish hospitality (I’ve heard they’re REALLY welcoming to foreigners who know their language).

So now every time I open a book to study, or go chat online with a Turk, or just passively listening to Turkish radio, I want to think about all the reasons that make me want to learn Turkish so badly. I want it as badly as breathing itself.

(p.s. not related to the post, but I found a great channel that shows Turkish drama 24/7: Canal D. I usually listen passively to Turkish audio as I work)