Listening is extremely important during language learning. Not only is it the hardest out of the four skills, practicing listening also helps you learn the language better in general.

Research has shown that people who listened to foreign languages frequently learned much faster than those who didn’t, even if they don’t understand what they hear.

“When we are trying to learn new foreign words we are faced with sounds for which we may have absolutely no neural representation. A student trying to learn a foreign language may have few pre-existing neural structures to build on in order to remember the words.”

How and when do you listen?

I try to fill all my unproductive time by listening to Turkish news. When I’m just browsing randomly, checking Email, playing games, etc, I would just passively listen to Turkish.

Some great sources to Turkish news radio can be found here: Turkish talk radios

Working full time doing programming this summer, I have recently decided to listen to these news when I’m working. So that adds up to almost 8 hours of passive listening per day.