I wanted to gain more exposure to Turkish (currently all I’m doing is chatting with Turkish people online), so I started looking for some Turkish TV shows to watch. One that really caught me was Ezel. It’s about the story of two brothers, one of which is jealous of the other’s girlfriend, so he frames him for a robbery that gets his brother into jail, and steals his girlfriend. I cannot help but think it’s based on The Count of Monte Cristo.

Anyways, even thought I could not understand much, I can definately pickup words here and there (such as “hoş geldiniz”, “anne”, “günaydın”) and even some sentences (“Biliyor musunuz?” “anladım”).

Without even looking up words, I learned a few words (“abla”, “bak”, and many others..) from just watching three episodes.

The show itself is really catchy, as I’m already hooked on it! Apparently it won a bunch of awards and is widely regarded as the best TV show produced in Turkey. You can find all the Episodes on YouTube.

Watching and listening to native Turkish speakers is extremely helpful in helping you 1.) get used to the accents and sound and 2.) help you differentiate the separation between different words. Even if you don’t feel like you’re gaining anything from watching it, trust me, it helps you subtly in the long run!