My friend, Yusuf, recently told me there’s a nearby Turkish Cultural Center that gives out free lessons.

Theres actually a turkish course for free at the TCC every friday. It’s free, they just teach Turkish. Its “hizmet” or “service”. Basically any state you go, you’ll find the group I was mentioning earlier called “hizmet”, they do it for the sake of God and our community
I did a little research, and found this hizmet, or service, given freely by Turks are part of the Gülen movement, started by a Turkish Ismal Theologist Fethullah Gülen to promote service from Muslims to the world (teşekkür ederim, efendim!). According to Wiki, this movement is “faith-based but not faith-limited”, meaning I don’t have to be Muslim to get free Turkish lessons. (Of course, hizmet is not limited JUST to teaching Turkish).
Check if there are any Turkish cultural centers near you.
Anyways, I’m planning to check out the Turkish Cultural Center near my house this Friday and I’ll write an entry about my experience. Really looking forward to it!