Today’s mission:

  • Master unit 4 in the Foreign Institute Service (FSI) Language Courses
I thought the free FSI courses were so good that I decided I’m going to dedicate myself to the course. For each unit, I will master the content and pretty much memorize all the phrases.

That’s why I decided to spend some more time on Unit 4, instead of moving on the Unit 5

Today, I spent quite a while listening to Unit 4 over and over again (on the bus, when I’m not doing much), and have all the phrases dedicated to my mind. And I gotta admit, it’s an AWESOME feeling! It really makes me feel that my Türkçe is rapidly improving because I can pull out phrases such as “Tekrar edin, lütfen ” (please repeat) and  “terçüme edin, lütfen” (please translate) instantly!

But…. I am still planning on doing one unit a day, starting again tomorrow. But this time, I’ll follow the suggestion given in the FSI student handbook for Türkçe, and that is to repeatedly listen to the audio until you can memorize all the phrases, and THEN look at the text to see the translations.

I have also loaded the audios into my phone, so I can bring a headphone and listen to them anytime I want.