Today’s mission:

  • show excitement in Türkçe
  • continue with the free language course published by US DoS, unit 4
I continue to chat with my Turkish friends today, making up sentences from the verbs I had learn a 2 days ago and getting them corrected. I also learned a new phrase, “çok iyi beeeeeee!” It literally translate to “very good yaaaaa!”
As you can imagine, the “beeeeee” has no meaning whatsoever.
I also continued learning from the free FSI Language Courses published by the US Department of State, unit 4. I took a sneak peak at unit 30, and it contained extremely complicated sentences that translate into “she was small. One day she got sick. The doctors couldn’t diagnose the illness. They couldn’t save the child.”
Wow… imagine, in just 30 days, I’ll be able to say that in Türkçe! Provided, of course, that I continue the course one unit per day. AND I WILL.