Today’s mission

  • learn units 1-3 in the Foreign Service Institute’s language course.

Today, I found one of the greatest resource for learning language yet: The U.S. Department of State

To train diplomats in foreign languages during the Cold War, the US Dep of State created extremely intensive courses meant to get people to speak foreign languages in a few months. These courses are mainly designed to be conversational based.

The amount of audio and text published in the Türkçe is just ABSOLUTELY magnificent!  And all the course materials are free, thanks to the State Department (yay!) Starting from today, I will learn one unit each day (but for today though, I went through the first 3 units, because they were pretty easy).

Be sure to read through the instructions in the Student Text. It gives information how how you should train yourself. Allah rahatlık versin! (“May God give you rest” or “good night” 😀 )

Foreign Service Institute Languages Courses – Turkish