Today’s mission:

  • Learn to form complex sentence
  • continue to increase vocab

I talked to my Turkish friend today, picking up tons of Türkçe. There was an earthquake today where my friend lived, and I got to learn the word for earthquake, deprem (of course hope you’re ok, Elif!).

And thanks to Yusuf for checking that my Türkçe is correct in my blog entries!

In addition, I learned how to make more complex sentences.

I like is seviyorum. To say I like to _____ (verb), you use that verb right in front of seviyorum and add meyi/mayı (Becareful, the ı at the end does not have a dot, thanks to Yusuf who corrected my mistake 😀 ).

For examples,

I like to drink coffee. (Coffee = kahve): Ben kahve içmeyi seviyorum.

I like to speak Turkish: Türkçe konuşmayı  seviyorum.

One bummer is that Elif lives in Turkey, and the time difference between here (New York) and Istanbul is 7 hours. Meaning that when I get home at 4:00pm, it’s already 11:00 over there. I was also complimented with the word akıllı, which means “smart”. (Yes Elif, I know I’m smart :D)

I am smart: Ben akıllıyım. 

You are smart: Sen akıllısın

The y is added in there because the two vowels cannot touch (remember?).

I continue to build up my Türkçe vocabulary. Once I get the hang of the grammar (and I think I’m getting close), the only thing left to do is build vocab and practice!! Türkçe konuşabiliyorum!