Whenever I chat with Turkish natives, they almost always ask me one thing:

Why do you want to learn Turkish?

(btw, the title means “Why am I speaking Turkish?”)

I usually answer something like I want to travel/do business in Turkey someday.

After learning Turkish for a few days, I think my motive to learn/continue learning Turkish has changed.

What I realized over the last few days was the Türkçe (That’s Turkish in Turkish :D) is SUCH a different language from Spanish/English/French (what a big surprise) that it makes it so FUN to learn.

I definitely want another language, but I could not stand learning another Romance language.

Turkey is a strategic spot in the world, not only geographically, but also linguistically. It uses Latin-based letters (modified into what’s called Cyrillic) , so it’s not too difficult for English/French/Spanish speakers to learn. But at the same time, the grammar and sentence structure is a major challenge (which I like). It has many cognates with Arabic (I want to learn that eventually) and is also similar with many Eastern European languages.

Of course, I also want to travel there one day. 😀