My Turkish friend, Yusuf, explained that if someone is frustrated, they can say “offfffff” 

It’s like to show displease..ment.  It’s when you’re frustrated or whatever. Saying offff is considered rude usually.

people will use it, but you don’t use it around older people and stuff really because you don’t wanna show frustration around them. But if you say offf to a friend, yeah [that’s fine].
Yusuf also explained how you properly answer someone when they call your name
when someone calls you in English you might say “what”. In Turkish, thats considered rude. You dont say “ne?” You say efendim?” Yeah, it means my “efendi”, my sire. So its respectful, you say efendim, but its used to say what? or yeah? to respond to someone calling you
I asked what if you’re answering a woman. Do you still answer “efendim”, my sire?
Same thing. Because when you say efendim, you’re not using in the context of saying my efendi [my sire]. You’re saying it as “what”, so the meaning of the word changes completely. Another example is nasıl means how, but you can also use it to say “come again?”.  Like someone says something, you didnt hear them, you can say “nasıl?”