Today’s mission:

  • Make a Turkish friend online
  • Learn to say Merhaba!

It’s important that you don’t go through this process alone, and one good way is to make a new Turkish friend.

Now I’m not talking about go on the street and try to find a Turkish person; I mean online. A good approach I use the website Livemocha. You can create an account and find Turkish people who are currently learning English. Just send them a quick message, something like,

Merhaba, ****

I noticed that you speak Turkish and are currently learning English. Do you want help with your English, and you can help me with my Turkish? I’m currently learning it because I want to meet new Turkish people.

Most people on Livemocha are extremely excited to become your friend (I’ve noticed that form the excess amount of 😀 XDDD ^^ that people use :D)

Why a friend?

It’s a great encouragement and motivation. You can occasionally ask them questions, and they’ll happily help you if you’re also helping them with English. After you get better, you can even have conversations with them (after we reach 4 months, we will) Also, they can serve as important motivation because you’ll have a reason to learn Turkish. Develop a nice friendship; learn about the culture; it’s amazing and will make you want to learn it even more!

Here’s what I learned (what my friend taught me) today:

Merhaba! That’s hello. It’s the most basic you can get.

Okay, that’s all the Turkish I have for today! Don’t worry about progress, we’ll pick up pace soon enough. Remember, we have to take small and defined steps. The goal is to be able to have a simple conversation in Turkish after 4 months. Do not worry about pace. If you follow every post, we’ll get there eventually! Besure to follow the missions at the top of the post everyday!